There is a weekly prayer meeting on Tuesday's at 11AM.

Anyone who would like prayer or to spend time with others praying for our community and the world are welcome.

Pray Without Ceasing...

...for those in the path of Hurricane Florence;

...for friends of John and Shalini Perumpral in the State of Kerala, India, who are recovering from the devastating floods;

...for Linda Frazier, who is coping with anxiety;

...for Colleen Drumheller who fractured her foot;

...Joel Matthison, son of Beth and Rodger Matthison, who is having brain stem surgery this week;

...for Ranae Lahn who has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease;

...for Larry Wright, husband of Anne Wright and father of Marcia Wright and Allison Kruckow, is undergoing treatment for lung cancer;

...for missionaries who serve God's people amid dangerous times;

...for Sherry and Randy Ingham's three-year-old granddaughter, Emily Schroepfer, who has completed her chemo treatment and is cancer free!

Continue to be in prayer for Easley Smith, Alfred Howery, Wilmoth O’Dell, Edith Stockton, Barbara Houston, Ted Ake, Marcia Cowley, Mark Rakes, David Doherty, Anne Grover, Joan Munford, Margaret Dawson, Phyllis Hain, Carolyn White, and Janice Woodard.

A Prayer for Bangladesh (July 10th)

God of grace, we pray for Ayeshuddin, a Bangladeshi Muslim sharecropper who last week underwent surgical amputation of his right leg.  Three weeks before, he had been riding to the market on a motorized three-wheeled cart with his legs hanging off the front, when an approaching vehicle slammed into one of his legs, crushing the bones and tearing most of the muscles from it.  Despite medical efforts to save the leg, gangrene set in, necessitating its amputation.  Landless and now unable to work in the fields, Ayeshuddin must rely on his sons to keep the family from falling into poverty.  Lord, have mercy upon Ayeshuddin, provide for his care and rehabilitation, and grant him hope, we pray in the name of Christ the Savior.  Amen.

If you would like to ask your BPC family to hold you in prayer, call the church office or send information to: